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Early Academic Pursuits:

Dr. Mohammad Falahat embarked on his academic journey with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Software Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, earning a notable CGPA of 14.07/20. He further pursued a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Technology Management at Multimedia University (MMU), followed by a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in International Entrepreneurship at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). His doctoral research, titled "Born Globals among the Malaysian SMEs: Mediating Effect of Marketing Competencies on Foreign Market Performance," earned him a Gold Medal and recognition as the top DBA student.

Professional Endeavors:

His career spans both academia and industry. He has held positions such as Director at Drywall Collection Sdn Bhd, CEO at Efficient Edge (M) Sdn Bhd, and Business Development Manager at Ofogh Sanat Company. His blend of academic expertise and practical experience contributes to a holistic understanding of entrepreneurship and business development.

Contributions and Research Focus:

As a seasoned academic, His made significant contributions to the field of SME Internationalization, International Entrepreneurship, Firm Performance, Sustainability, and Born Globals. His expertise extends to Research Analytics and Data Analysis, particularly with Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) using Partial Least Square (PLS). His research focus on the mediating effect of marketing competencies on foreign market performance among Malaysian SMEs demonstrates a commitment to addressing practical challenges in the business world.

Accolades and Recognition:

His academic excellence has been consistently acknowledged through Teaching Excellence Awards at UTAR, where he has held various teaching positions. Additionally, he received a prestigious Masa Policy Development Programme (MPDP) Research Grant for his work on policy development post COVID-19. His mentorship also led a team of UTAR students to be shortlisted in the top 10 of the Alibaba GDT Global Challenge 2021.

Impact and Influence:

His impact extends beyond the academic realm. His leadership roles, including Head of Subgroup of Entrepreneurship, Chairperson of the Centre for Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility in Business, and Chairperson of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Sustainability, showcase his commitment to shaping the strategic direction of educational institutions. His involvement in community services, such as Chairman of the Committee for Joint Management Corporation (JMC) and member of the Joint Management Body (JMB), further highlights his dedication to societal contributions.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

His legacy is marked by his contributions to academia, industry, and community service. His editorial roles in reputable journals and participation in international conferences underscore his commitment to advancing the field of business management. As he continues his academic journey at Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU), his future contributions are anticipated to further enrich the realms of entrepreneurship, sustainability, and international business. His multifaceted career exemplifies the synergy between academic excellence, practical experience, and community engagement.

Notable Publications:

1 SMEs internationalization: The role of product innovation, market intelligence, pricing and marketing communication capabilities as drivers of SMEs’ international performance M Falahat, T Ramayah, P Soto-Acosta, YY Lee Technological forecasting and social change 152, 119908 (314) - 2020

4 Emotional Intelligence and Job Performance of Academicians in Malaysia. SC Chong, M Falahat, YS Lee International Journal of Higher Education 9 (1), 69-80 (96) - 2020
5 Impact of Digitalization on the Speed of Internationalization YY Lee, M Falahat, BK Sia International Business Research 12 (4), 1-11 (89) - 2019

6 Impacts of Institutional Characteristics on International Students' Choice of Private Higher Education Institutions in Malaysia. MW Migin, M Falahat, MSA Yajid, A Khatibi Higher Education Studies 5 (1), 31-42 (73) -2015

7 Emotional intelligence and turnover intention. FN Mohammad, LT Chai, LK Aun, MW Migin International Journal of Academic Research 6 (4) (68) - 2014

8 Drivers of digital adoption: a multiple case analysis among low and high-tech industries in Malaysia YY Lee, M Falahat, BK Sia Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration (57) - 2020

9 Factors influencing consumers’ purchase intention towards online group buying in Malaysia YS Liew, M Falahat Int. J. Electronic Marketing and Retailing 10 (1), 60-77 (55) - 2019

10 Entrepreneurial innovativeness and its impact on SMES'performances M Falahat, S Tehseen, C Van Horne International Journal of Entrepreneurship 22 (3), 1-9 (52) - 2018

Mohammad Falahat | Strategic Management and Business Strategy | Best Researcher Award

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