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Early Academic Pursuits:

Yanjie Ji embarked on his academic journey with a solid foundation in transportation engineering, earning a Bachelor's degree in Transportation Engineering from Southeast University in 2001. Building upon this, he pursued a Master's degree in Transportation Planning and Control, demonstrating a keen interest in the intricate dynamics of transportation systems. His academic journey reached its pinnacle with a Ph.D. in Transportation Planning and Control from the same institution in 2007, showcasing his commitment to advancing knowledge in this specialized field.

Professional Endeavors:

Her professional trajectory has been marked by a dedication to both academia and research. Starting as a Lecturer in 2007 at Southeast University, he progressively advanced through the ranks, assuming the roles of Associate Professor and, ultimately, Professor. His commitment to global collaboration is evident in his role as a Visiting Scholar at the School of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Newcastle University, UK, in 2011-2012.

Contributions and Research Focus:

With a focus on Transportation Planning and Control, Intelligent Transport Systems, Travel Behavior Analysis, and Data-driven Transit Operations, her significantly contributed to the academic and research landscape. His involvement as a Co-Investigator in projects sponsored by prestigious organizations such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China reflects the depth and breadth of his research engagements. Notable projects include "Modern city multi-modal public transport system basic theory and key technology of efficiency improving" and "Low Carbon Transitions of Fleet Operations in Metropolitan Sites."

Accolades and Recognition:

Her contributions to the field have garnered recognition and funding support. His role as a Principal Investigator in the project "Planning method and parking guidance strategy of parking guidance information system based on synergy theory," sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, underscores his leadership in shaping innovative research initiatives.

Impact and Influence:

Her impact extends beyond the academic realm. His research publications, particularly in esteemed journals such as Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, Journal of Cleaner Production, and IEEE Access, demonstrate a commitment to disseminating knowledge and influencing the broader scientific community.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

As Professor at Southeast University, Her continues to shape the future of transportation studies. His exploration of diverse topics, from the effect of built environment characteristics on shared e-bikes to the analysis of factors influencing delivery e-bikes' red-light running behavior, showcases a commitment to addressing contemporary challenges. her legacy lies in his multifaceted contributions, and the trajectory of his future endeavors promises continued innovation and leadership in the dynamic field of Transportation Planning and Control.

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Yanjie Ji | Transportation Planning and Control | Best Researcher Award

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