Dr. Samira El Gibari – Quantitative Methods for Economy and Business – Best Researcher Award聽

Universidad de M谩laga | Spain

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Early Academic Pursuits 馃帗

Her journey in academia began with a strong foundation in Economics and Business. She pursued her PhD at the University of M谩laga (UMA), where she demonstrated exceptional dedication and academic prowess. Her doctoral thesis, which received an outstanding grade with cum laude and international doctorate honors, focused on the analysis and construction of composite indicators using various multicriteria analysis techniques. This work laid the groundwork for her future research and academic contributions.

During her PhD, she completed a research stay at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium, funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. At the time, this university was ranked in the top 100 of the Shanghai Ranking, providing her with an enriching experience and exposure to high-caliber research environments. This opportunity significantly shaped her academic perspective and research methodology.

聽Professional Endeavors 馃捈

Since 2018, she has been a dedicated professional at the University of M谩laga, where she serves as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Economics (Mathematics). Her professional journey is marked by active participation in several research projects, both national and regional. She has collaborated on five research projects, serving as a Research Training Staff (FPI) on one national project and as a postdoctoral researcher on one regional project. Her involvement in these projects highlights her commitment to advancing knowledge in her field.

she is also a member of the Andalusian research group (PAI SEJ-417), funded through various competitive calls. This affiliation underscores her engagement with the broader research community and her contributions to collective scholarly efforts.

Contributions and Research Focus on Quantitative Methods for Economy and Business馃摎

Her research interests are deeply rooted in the application of multicriteria analysis techniques to real-world problems. Her doctoral thesis, which focused on composite indicators, has led to significant contributions in evaluating the performance and efficiency of the Spanish Public University System. This line of research has resulted in ten publications, six of which are in journals included in the Journal Citation Reports (JCR), with four in the first quartile and two in the second quartile. One of her articles is published in the second-best-ranked journal in its category, showcasing the high impact and relevance of her work.

Her research has garnered considerable recognition, with a total of 360 citations according to the Google Scholar database as of June 17, 2024. This citation count reflects the influence and importance of her contributions to the field.

聽Accolades and Recognition 馃弳

she has received numerous accolades for her outstanding research. She was awarded the “Anales de ASEPUMA” Award in the field of Applied Mathematics to Economics and Business and the Second Prize for the Best Doctoral Theses in Multicriteria Decision Making. These awards highlight her excellence and innovation in applying mathematical techniques to economic and business challenges.

In addition to these honors, she has been an active member of the Quality Assurance Committee of the Doctoral Program in Economics and Business at UMA. This role underscores her commitment to maintaining high standards in academic programs and contributing to the overall quality of education at her institution.

聽Impact and Influence 馃實

Her impact extends beyond her research publications. She has made more than thirty scientific contributions to conferences, both national and international. Notably, she was invited as an expert member by the European Commission for a conference and has been a member of the organizing committee for two others. Her involvement in these events highlights her influence and thought leadership in her field.

In her teaching role, Samira has demonstrated exceptional dedication and effectiveness. She has participated in delivering courses at both undergraduate and master’s levels, receiving an “Excellent” rating from the Teaching Quality Assessment Committee of UMA. Her commitment to education is further evidenced by her participation in an Educational Innovation Project titled “Optimization Models in the Economic and Business Field,” led by the Vice Rectorate of Teaching and Research Staff at UMA.

聽Legacy and Future Contributions 馃敭

Looking ahead, she is poised to continue making significant contributions to the field of Economics and Business. Her legacy is marked by her innovative research, dedication to teaching, and active involvement in the academic community. She has supervised several Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, helping to shape the next generation of scholars and professionals.

With a robust foundation of research, accolades, and teaching excellence, she is well-positioned to continue influencing and advancing her field. Her future contributions will undoubtedly build on her impressive body of work, furthering the application of multicriteria analysis techniques to address complex economic and business challenges.

Notable Publications聽

Samira El Gibari | Quantitative Methods for Economy and Business | Best Researcher Award

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