Abderrezzaq Benalia | Environmental Engineering | Best Researcher Award

Higher Normal School of Constantine - Algeria

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Abderrezzaq Benalia embarked on his academic journey in Environmental Engineering with a rigorous focus on water treatment processes. From his initial Engineering degree examining treated water for agricultural use to a Master's thesis centered on coagulation-flocculation for drinking water treatment, his educational trajectory showcased a commitment to solving environmental challenges through innovative scientific approaches.

Professional Endeavors:

His professional path blends both practical fieldwork and academia. His served as a Representative of the environment in Yahia beni guecha, Mila, Algeria, bringing his expertise to the forefront of environmental advocacy and policy. Simultaneously, his teaching roles across various departments and institutions exemplify his commitment to nurturing future talents in Environmental Engineering.

Contributions and Research Focus:

His research footprint spans diverse areas: biomaterials, water and wastewater treatment, pollution mitigation, natural substance extraction, optimization, modeling, and electrochemistry. Notably, his Ph.D. work focused on extracting active products from natural plants for enhancing water quality, showcasing a pioneering approach to eco-friendly coagulants in water treatment.

Accolades and Recognition:

The young researcher award from Salah Boubnider University in 2016 highlights His early recognition for his contributions to the field. His leadership roles as Chairman of the teaching committee and as Head of a significant research project (PRFU) underscore his recognized expertise in academia and research management.

Impact and Influence:

His influence extends through his supervision of numerous students at various academic levels, with an impressive track record of completed projects. Additionally, his extensive publications, both released and in press, along with numerous communications, denote his commitment to disseminating knowledge and advancements in his field.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Through his multidimensional work, His laid a foundation for sustainable water treatment practices and environmental preservation. His ongoing pursuits, including a forthcoming book chapter, signify a commitment to advancing the scientific discourse in his domain. His legacy lies in nurturing future scientists and continuing to innovate for a greener future.


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h-index                5

i10-index             4

Notable Publications:

1 Use of acorn leaves as a natural coagulant in a drinking water treatment plant A Benalia, K Derbal, A Panico, F Pirozzi Water 11 (1), 57 (46)-2018

2 Optimization of active coagulant agent extraction method from Moringa Oleifera seeds for municipal wastewater treatment R Bouchareb, K Derbal, A Benalia Water Science and Technology 84 (2), 393-403 (27)-2021

3 Use of Aloe vera as an Organic Coagulant for Improving Drinking Water Quality A Benalia, K Derbal, A Khalfaoui, R Bouchareb, A Panico, C Gisonni, ... water 13 (15), 1-15 (25)-2021

4 The use of as natural coagulant in algerian drinking water treatment plant A Benalia, K Derbal, A Khalfaoui, A Pizzi, G Medjahdi Journal of Renewable Materials 10 (3), 625 (14)-2022

5 Etude Expérimentale et Modélisation Du Processus de La Coagulation Floculation: Application Aux Eaux Destinée à La Consommation A Benalia, K Derbal Université Constantine 3 (7)-2015

6 The Adsorptive Removal of Bengal Rose by Artichoke Leaves: Optimization by Full Factorials Design A Khalfaoui, MN Khelifi, A Khelfaoui, A Benalia, K Derbal, C Gisonni, ... Water 14 (14), 2251 (5)-2022

7 Comparative Study between Aluminum Sulfate and Ferric Chloride in Water Treatment: Turbidity Removal A Benalia, K Derbal J. Dr 1, 4-9 (5)- 2015 (5) -2015

8 Use of Extracted Proteins from Oak Leaves as Bio-Coagulant for Water and Wastewater Treatment: Optimization by a Fractional Factorial Design A Benalia, W Chaibraa, S Djeghar, K Derbal, A Khalfaoui, A Mahfouf, ... Water 15 (11), 1984 (3)-2023

9 Extraction And Purification of The Active Substance Contained In The Aloe Vera For Their Use As a Natural Flocculant R Djema, F Rahma, A Benalia, A Khalfaoui, A Pizzi All Sciences Abstracts 1 (1), 14-14 (1)-2023

10 Extraction et valorisation des produits actifs des plantes naturelles en tant que bio coagulants utiles dans l’amélioration de qualité des eaux A Benalia, K Derbal Université Constantine 3 Salah Boubnider, Faculté de génie des procédés …(1)-2023


Abderrezzaq Benalia | Environmental Engineering | Best Researcher Award

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