Ms . Jing Liu - Innovation Strategy  -Best Researcher Award 

Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences | China

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Early Academic Pursuits

She embarked on her academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Technology from Henan University, where she demonstrated exceptional academic prowess, ranking among the top 2 out of 145 students. Building on this foundation, she pursued a Ph.D. in Computer Application Technology at SKLP, ICT, UCAS, earning a remarkable rank within the top 5% of her cohort.

Professional Endeavors

Her professional career is marked by leadership roles and groundbreaking research initiatives. As a research group leader, she spearheaded the development of an Efficient Knowledge Distillation (KD) technique tailored for Graph Neural Networks (GNNs), achieving a significant performance boost of 53.3%. Her contributions extend beyond academia, as evidenced by her involvement in projects such as Data Mining Research for Persons with Disabilities and Research on Crowd Intelligence, where she played a pivotal role in driving innovation and policy formulation.


Contributions and Research Focus in Innovation Strategy

At the forefront of her research focus lies Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) and Knowledge Distillation (KD), with a particular emphasis on enhancing GNN performance and distilling high-order relational knowledge. Her publications, including papers and patents, underscore her expertise in these areas, offering valuable insights into algorithm classification, application analysis, and intelligent metric modeling. Jing Liu's work is characterized by its depth, innovation, and relevance to real-world challenges.

Accolades and Recognition

Her contributions have garnered widespread recognition, as evidenced by the accolades she has received throughout her career. Notable awards include the Shuguang PhD Award from ICT, UCAS, and multiple National Endeavor Scholarships from Henan University. Her research endeavors have been met with acclaim, with her paper on Quality-time-complexity universal intelligence measurement earning the prestigious Best Paper Award.

Impact and Influence

Her impact extends beyond academic circles, with her research shaping the landscape of Graph Neural Networks and Knowledge Distillation. Her innovative approaches and insightful contributions have the potential to drive advancements in various domains, from artificial intelligence to data mining and beyond. Through her publications, patents, and leadership roles, she continues to leave a lasting imprint on the field.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Looking ahead,her legacy is poised to inspire future generations of researchers and innovators. Her dedication to excellence, coupled with her passion for knowledge dissemination, sets the stage for continued growth and impact. As she continues to push the boundaries of innovation and discovery, Jing Liu remains committed to driving positive change and making meaningful contributions to the field of computer science and technology.

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Jing Liu | Innovation Strategy | Best Researcher Award 

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