Assoc Prof Dr. Marc Kouzez | Environmental Economics,CSR/ESG, Banking & Finance, Applied Econometrics | Strategic Achievement Award

ICN Business School, France

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Marc Kouzez began his academic journey with a strong foundation, earning a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Angers, France, in 2015. Prior to this, he completed a Master 2 in Banking & Finance at the University of Bordeaux IV in 2009 and a Master 1 in International Economics in 2008.

Professional Endeavors:

HIs various academic positions, showcasing a diverse and global career. Starting as a Lecturer ("ATER") at the University of Angers in 2010, he progressed to Assistant Professor roles at the University of Sainte-Anne in Canada and the University of Toulouse II in France. He then took on the role of Associate Professor at Renmin University of China in Suzhou from 2018 to 2020. Notably, he served as the Head of the department "Finance, Operations, and Marketing" at Brest Business School from 2020 to 2022. Currently, he holds the position of Associate Professor at ICN Artem Business School in Paris.

Contributions and Research Focus:

His made significant contributions to the field of Economics, particularly in Environmental Economics, Banking & Finance systems with a focus on Green Finance, CSR/ESG, and Applied Econometrics. His research publications span a variety of topics, from the impact of environmental policy stringency on renewable energy consumption to the relationship between political risk and bank performance.

Accolades and Recognition:

His work has been recognized through various publications in reputable journals. Notable publications include "Does Increasing Environmental Policy Stringency Enhance Renewable Energy Consumption in OECD Countries?" (Energy Economics, 2024) and "Political risk and bank performance: does bank size matter?" (Economic Systems, 2023).

Impact and Influence:

As a presenter at numerous international conferences, His shared his research findings on platforms such as the Ethical Finance and Sustainability Conference, the International Symposium on Environment and Energy Finance Issues, and the International Conference on Public Economic Theory. His work explores the intersections of environmental policy, financial development, and the performance of banks.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

His ongoing research projects, such as "The Effect of Environmental Taxes on Environmentally and Non-environmentally related Innovation in Europe and OECD Countries," demonstrate his commitment to advancing knowledge in his field. His teaching portfolio at both the master and undergraduate levels reflects a dedication to shaping the next generation of economists and finance professionals.

Notable Publications:

Does increasing environmental policy stringency enhance renewable energy consumption in OECD countries?
Hassan, M., Kouzez, M., Lee, J.-Y., Msolli, B., Rjiba, H.

Political environment and bank performance: Does bank size matter?
Kouzez, M.

Can increasing environmental policy stringency promote financial development? Evidence from developed economies
Hassan, M., Kouzez, M., Lee, J.-Y., Msolli, B., Rjiba, H.

Foreign Ownership And Bank Performance Evidence From French Market
Kouzez, M.

Foreign ownership of Jordanian banks: Consequences on performance, risk and stability | Propriété étrangère des banques Jordaniennes: Conséquences sur la performance, le risque et la stabilité
Kouzez, M., Séjourné, B.

Marc Kouzez | Environmental Economics,CSR/ESG, Banking & Finance, Applied Econometrics | Strategic Achievement Award

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