Francesco Facchini | Strategy Implementation | Best Researcher Award

Polytechnic University of Bari - Italy

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Francesco Facchini's academic journey began with a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering, delving into quality management within chemical analytical laboratories. His Master's thesis delved into Life Cycle Assessment, analyzing photovoltaic technologies. Later, he pursued a Ph.D. focusing on Organizational Development, Work, and Innovation of Production Processes, showcasing a trajectory merging engineering, management, and environmental sciences.

Professional Endeavors & Contributions:

His research spanned several pivotal projects, including waste management systems, smart manufacturing, and optimizing logistics in healthcare. His teaching experiences across multiple universities underscore his commitment to disseminating knowledge in areas like Lean Production, Industrial Logistics, and Operations Management.

Research Focus & Accolades:

His research primarily concentrated on mathematical models optimizing logistics, balancing economic efficiency and environmental impact. Noteworthy accolades include being a peer reviewer for numerous esteemed conferences and journals spanning waste management, engineering, and sustainability.

Impact & Influence:

His influence extends beyond academia, evident in his extensive service within various committees, editorial boards, and conference organizing committees. His dedication to shaping future academic pursuits is evident through membership on Ph.D. academic boards and his talks at international conferences.

Legacy & Future Contributions:

His legacy lies in his multidisciplinary approach to logistics optimization, integrating STEM education promotion and fostering collaborative relationships between institutions. His future contributions may continue to shape sustainable logistics, inspire budding talents in STEM, and foster global academic collaborations.


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Notable Publications:

1 The degree of readiness for the implementation of Industry 4.0 APT Pacchini, WC Lucato, F Facchini, G Mummolo (281) - 2019

2 A maturity model for logistics 4.0: An empirical analysis and a roadmap for future research F Facchini, J Oleśków-Szłapka, L Ranieri, A Urbinati (174)- 2019
4 Model to evaluate the Industry 4.0 readiness degree in Industrial Companies WC Lucato, APT Pacchini, F Facchini, G Mummolo  (68) - 2019
5 Minimizing the carbon footprint of material handling equipment: Comparison of electric and LPG forklifts F Facchini, G Mummolo, G Mossa, S Digiesi, F Boenzi, R Verriello (54) - 2016
Francesco Facchini | Strategy Implementation | Best Researcher Award

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