Dr. Pratik Kumar | Environmental Analysis | Best Researcher Award

Indian Institute of Technology, Jammu - India

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Dr. Pratik Kumar embarked on his academic journey with exceptional achievements in his school years. He secured top grades in the ICSE (10th Grade) and CBSE (12th Grade) examinations, laying a strong foundation for his future endeavors. His early passion for mathematics was recognized with the Mathom award for the best mathematician in school.

Professional Endeavors:

His pursued his B.Tech at Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, earning a Gold Medal for his outstanding academic performance. Following this, he completed his M.Tech at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, where he received a Silver Medal. His academic pursuits extended internationally, with a DAAD fellowship in Germany and a Ph.D. in Water Science from the Institut national de la recherche scientifique in Quebec City, Canada.

Contributions and Research Focus:

His research focus lies in environmental engineering, particularly in the fields of wastewater and solid waste management. He has actively contributed to various national and international research projects, showcasing his commitment to sustainable solutions. His expertise in water quality and environmental issues is evident through his memberships in esteemed organizations like the International Water Association.

Accolades and Recognition:

His journey is studded with numerous accolades, demonstrating his excellence in academia and research. From being a Gold Medalist in his Bachelor's to receiving awards for the Best Oral Presentation and Best Doctoral Thesis, his contributions have been consistently recognized. The Young Water Professional Award from the International Water Association and the United Nations SDG-6 mention underscore his global impact.

Impact and Influence:

As an Associate Dean at IIT Jammu and through his administrative roles, His played a pivotal role in shaping the academic and research landscape. His extensive involvement in industrial and municipality research projects reflects his commitment to bridging the gap between academia and real-world challenges.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

His legacy is marked by his commitment to sustainability, excellence in research, and impactful contributions to water and environmental sciences. As an Assistant Professor, he continues to mentor and supervise students, ensuring the continuity of his dedication to advancing knowledge in environmental engineering. His future contributions are anticipated to further elevate the field, addressing pressing challenges in water and waste management.


Notable Publications:

1 Genomic analysis of sewage from 101 countries reveals global landscape of antimicrobial resistance P Munk, C Brinch, FD Møller, TN Petersen, RS Hendriksen, AM Seyfarth, ... Nature Communications 13 (1), 7251 51- 2022

2 Bioproduction of fumaric acid: An insight into microbial strain improvement strategies J Sebastian, K Hegde, P Kumar, T Rouissi, SK Brar Critical reviews in biotechnology 39 (6), 817-834 50 - 2019

3 Potential of biological approaches for cyanotoxin removal from drinking water: A review P Kumar, K Hegde, SK Brar, M Cledon, A Kermanshahi-Pour Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 172, 488-503 41 - 2019

4 Biodegradation of microcystin-LR using acclimatized bacteria isolated from different units of the drinking water treatment plant P Kumar, K Hegde, SK Brar, M Cledon, A Kermanshahi-Pour, ... Environmental pollution 242, 407-416 35 -2018

5 Physico-chemical treatment for the degradation of cyanotoxins with emphasis on drinking water treatment—How far have we come? P Kumar, K Hegde, SK Brar, M Cledon Journal of environmental chemical engineering 6 (4), 5369-5388 35 -2018

6 Physical and biological removal of Microcystin-LR and other water contaminants in a biofilter using Manganese Dioxide coated sand and Graphene sand composites P Kumar, H Rehab, K Hegde, SK Brar, M Cledon, A Kermanshahi-Pour, ... Science of the Total Environment 703, 135052 24  -2020

7 Removal of microcystin-LR and other water pollutants using sand coated with bio-optimized carbon submicron particles: Graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide P Kumar, JAE Pérez, M Cledon, SK Brar, SV Duy, S Sauvé, É Knystautas Chemical Engineering Journal 397, 125398 18 -2020

8 Agro-industrial residues as a unique support in a sand filter to enhance the bioactivity to remove microcystin-Leucine aRginine and organics P Kumar, HDP Rubio, K Hegde, SK Brar, M Cledon, A Kermanshahi-Pour, ... Science of the total environment 670, 971-981 18 -2019

9 Science-society-policy interface for microplastic and nanoplastic: Environmental and biomedical aspects RK Das, D Sanyal, P Kumar, R Pulicharla, SK Brar Environmental Pollution 290, 117985 15 -2021

10 Novel fluidized-bed biofilm reactor for concomitant removal of microcystin-LR and organics P Kumar, K Hegde, SK Brar, M Cledon, A Kermanshahi-Pour, ... Chemical Engineering Journal 359, 99-111 14 -2019


Pratik Kumar | Environmental Analysis | Best Researcher Award

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