Assoc Prof Dr. ARUN KUMAR TAROFDER  - Digital Marketing  -  Best Researcher Award

Management and Science University | Malaysia

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Early Academic Pursuits

He embarked on his academic journey with a focus on multimedia marketing, a field that combines the intricacies of marketing with the evolving dynamics of digital media. He obtained his PhD in Multimedia Marketing from Multimedia University, Malaysia, in 2012. His academic foundation was further strengthened by an MBA in Multimedia Marketing from the same institution, which he completed in 2004 with a stellar GPA of 3.72 (A-, First Class). This solid educational background laid the groundwork for his future contributions to academia and industry.

Professional Endeavors

He professional career began as a Research Officer at Multimedia University in 2004. His early role involved participating in significant research projects, which sharpened his analytical and research skills. Between 2006 and 2009, he expanded his academic influence as a part-time lecturer at Binary University, Malaysia. In 2009, he joined Management and Science University (MSU), where he progressed from Lecturer to Senior Lecturer by 2012. Since 2016, he has been serving as an Associate Professor cum Research Coordinator at MSU, where he continues to impact the academic community through his leadership and expertise.


Contributions and Research Focus in Digital Marketing

He has an impressive array of research contributions, particularly in the fields of social media, business intelligence, and digital consumer behavior. His research has garnered significant attention, with 72 publications, including 34 in Scopus Q1 and Q2 journals. Notable among his works is the highly recommended paper by Emerald Publication in 2016 and the most cited ISI paper in Malaysia in 2009. His research activities are supported by substantial funding, such as the $11,000 Industrial Research Fund. he is also an internal trainer for research skills and data analysis at MSU, reflecting his commitment to developing future researchers.

Accolades and Recognition

His academic excellence has been recognized through numerous awards. He has twice been honored as the Best Foreign Lecturer at MSU, in 2013 and 2015. His contributions to research have also been acknowledged with several best paper awards, including those from the Annual Malaysia Business Research Conference in 2016 and the SIBR 2015 Kuala Lumpur Conference. Additionally, he received a Bronze Award in the Invention and Innovation Competition of Private Higher Education Institutions in 2018. These accolades highlight his significant impact on the academic community.


Impact and Influence

His influence extends beyond his immediate academic environment. As an active journal reviewer for several high-impact journals, including the Industrial Management and Data System and the International Journal of Quality and Service Sciences, he plays a crucial role in shaping the field’s scholarly discourse. He has also served as a judge in various research and innovation exhibitions, demonstrating his dedication to fostering innovation and research excellence.

Legacy and Future Contributions

His legacy is marked by his dedication to course development, having developed bachelor and master programs in digital marketing. His commitment to education is further evidenced by his role in supervising numerous PhD and master’s theses, guiding students through complex research projects that contribute to the field’s advancement. Looking ahead, He aims to continue his research in social media, business intelligence, and digital consumer behavior, areas that are increasingly relevant in today's digital age. His ongoing research projects, such as estimating and offering appropriate Takaful palliative care packages for Malaysians, underscore his commitment to addressing real-world challenges through academic inquiry.



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ARUN KUMAR TAROFDER  | Digital Marketing  |  Best Researcher Award

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