Ms. Umma Kulsum | Strategy Implementation |Best Researcher Award 🏆

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Early Academic Pursuits:🎖️

Umma Kulsum's academic journey began with an exceptional performance in her secondary and higher secondary education, achieving a perfect GPA in both SSC and HSC. Her pursuit of excellence continued at the University of Dhaka, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics with a CGPA of 3.43 out of 4.00. This solid foundation paved the way for her master's studies, where she achieved a commendable thesis GPA of 3.66 out of 4.00 from the same department.

Professional Endeavors:

Armed with a strong educational background, Her demonstrated her proficiency in various tools and programming languages, including Wolfram Mathematica, MATLAB, Fortran, C++, and LaTex. She showcased her skills in mathematical modeling, epidemiology, evolutionary game theory, algorithm analysis, and numerical simulation. Additionally, her expertise extended to graphic designing with proficiency in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Her research interests reflect a diverse and impactful spectrum, ranging from vaccination games to age-structured epidemic models, bio-fluids, data analysis, and tumor growth models. Her notable contribution is encapsulated in her publication titled "Modeling and investigating the dilemma of early and delayed vaccination driven by the dynamics of imitation and aspiration" in the prestigious journal Chaos, Solitons & Fractals.

Accolades and Recognition:

Her academic prowess earned her recognition in the form of scholarships, including the Ministry of Education's scholarship for an excellent academic record in Secondary School Certificate and the Government Honors Scholarship based on her outstanding honors result. She was also awarded the National Science and Technology Fellowship, demonstrating her commitment to advancing scientific knowledge.

Impact and Influence:

Her impact extends beyond academia, as she actively participated in co-curricular activities, organized departmental events, and volunteered at the Dhaka University Research Fair. Her involvement in Women's Mathematics Olympiads and International Day of Mathematics underscores her dedication to promoting mathematics education and fostering a supportive academic environment.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

As an emerging academic, Her legacy lies in her contributions to mathematical epidemiology, multi-agent simulation, and various other interdisciplinary areas. Her participation in workshops and conferences, such as the CIMPA Summer Research School on Mathematical Epidemiology, signifies her commitment to continuous learning and collaboration. With a focus on professional development, she completed a Professional Graphic Design Certified Course and 'Learn LaTex in Two Weeks' Certified Course, showcasing her versatility.


Umma Kulsum | Strategy Implementation | Best Researcher Award

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