Prof Dr. José-María Montero | Sustainability, Enviroment and air quality | Best Researcher Award

University of Castilla-La Mancha - Spain

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Dr. José-María Montero's academic journey began with a deep-rooted interest in statistical methodologies. Graduating with distinction in Statistics from Castile-La Mancha University, his foundational research in the late 1980s laid the groundwork for his pioneering career.

Professional Endeavors:

his swiftly ascended the academic ladder, assuming diverse roles that shaped the landscape of statistical analysis. He led several groundbreaking research projects funded by prestigious institutions, such as the Spanish Institute of Meteorology and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food, Spain. His directorship in studies like "The Impact of Meteorology on the Spanish Economy" and "Statistical Methodology for Qualitative Data Analysis" demonstrated his multidisciplinary expertise.

Contributions and Research Focus:

His contributions transcend traditional statistical analyses. His research delved into the economic implications of meteorological phenomena, the integration of currencies into monetary systems, and the structural dynamics of various sectors such as tourism, agriculture, and finance. His emphasis on qualitative data analysis and spatial information added new dimensions to conventional statistical methodologies.

Accolades and Recognition:

His scholarly excellence earned him accolades from both academic and governmental bodies. His meticulous approach to research, evident in projects funded by esteemed entities like the Spanish Ministry of Commerce and Tourism, garnered respect and recognition in statistical circles.

Impact and Influence:

His work bridged theoretical statistical concepts with practical applications, influencing policy-making in various sectors. His studies on the impact of weather on the economy and the assessment of financial advisors' knowledge had tangible implications, shaping decisions in relevant industries.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

His leaves behind a legacy of interdisciplinary statistical research that redefined conventional approaches. His commitment to exploring new methodologies for analyzing qualitative data and his emphasis on the economic repercussions of natural phenomena have set a precedent for future researchers. His pioneering work continues to inspire the next generation of statisticians to explore uncharted territories in statistical analysis.

Notable Publications:

1 Post-Brexit exchange rate volatility and its impact on UK exports to eurozone countries: A bounds testing approach
Naimy, V., El Khoury, R., Montero, J.-M., Souk, J.(1)

2 Editorial: National health services: Efficiency, welfare and economy
Valls Martínez, M.D.C., Montero, J.-M., Biggeri, A.

3 Regional well-being inequalities arising from healthcare expenditure public policies in Spain
Valls Martínez, M.D.C., Grasso, M.S., Montero, J.-M. (2)

4 An extended CAViaR model for early-warning of exceedances of the air pollution standards. The case of PM10 in the city of Madrid
Sanchis-Marco, L., Montero, J.-M., Fernández-Avilés, G. (1)

5 A local spatial STIRPAT model for outdoor NOx concentrations in the community of Madrid, Spain
Montero, J.-M., Fernández-Avilés, G., Laureti, T.(7)

6 A Stochastic Model with Penalized Coefficients for Spatial Price Comparisons: An Application to Regional Price Indexes in Italy
Montero, J.-M., Laureti, T., Mínguez, R., Fernández-Avilés, G. (2)

7 Extreme downside risk co-movement in commodity markets during distress periods: a multidimensional scaling approach
Fernández-Avilés, G., Montero, J.-M., Sanchis-Marco, L. (17)

8 Market volatility of the three most powerful military countries during their intervention in the Syrian war
Naimy, V., Montero, J.-M., El Khoury, R., Maalouf, N.(5)

9 Estimating environment impacts on housing prices
Montero, J.-M., Fernández-Avilés, G., Mínguez, R.(6)

10 Functional kriging prediction of atmospheric particulate matter concentrations in Madrid, Spain: Is the new monitoring system masking potential public health problems?
Montero, J.-M., Fernández-Avilés, G.

José-María Montero | Sustainability, Enviroment and air quality | Best Researcher Award

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