Prof . Tamara Masters - Marketing Strategy  - Best Researcher Award

University of Utah | United States

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Early Academic Pursuits

She, has established herself as a prominent figure in the realm of consumer judgment and decision-making, particularly focusing on persuasion. Her academic journey commenced with a profound interest in understanding the intricate cognitive processes underlying context effects. Delving into topics such as indulgence justification, reward-based motivation, response to inconsistency, and physiological persuasion,she embarked on a scholarly exploration that would later shape her distinguished career.

Professional Endeavors

Throughout her career, her has ventured into diverse methodologies to unravel the complexities of consumer behavior. From conducting field studies to employing biometric measures such as EEG, eye-tracking, GSR, and HR, she has utilized innovative approaches to dissect the underlying processes governing consumer choices. Additionally, her utilization of Augmented Reality and behavioral lab studies has further enriched her research endeavors, positioning her at the forefront of cutting-edge methodologies in the field.


Contributions and Research Focus in Marketing Strategy

Her contributions to the field of consumer behavior are exemplified through her prolific publication record. Her research endeavors have explored various facets of consumer decision-making, ranging from attribute ratings and privacy attitudes to the impact of brand names on product forgiveness. Through her publications, she has shed light on critical topics such as compromise effects, privacy assurances, and the influence of fun brand names, enriching scholarly discourse and advancing theoretical understanding.

Accolades and Recognition

Her scholarly contributions have garnered widespread acclaim and recognition within the academic community. Her publications in esteemed journals such as the Journal of Marketing Research and Marketing Letters underscore her academic prowess and influence in the field. Furthermore, her research has been honored with prestigious awards, including the Best Paper Award at the HICSS conference, highlighting the significance and impact of her work on the academic landscape.

Impact and Influence

The influence of her research extends beyond academic circles, permeating into various domains such as healthcare, marketing, and consumer psychology. Her insights into consumer decision-making have implications for businesses seeking to understand and cater to consumer preferences effectively. Moreover, her interdisciplinary approach, combining psychology, economics, and marketing, has paved the way for novel insights and practical applications in real-world settings.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As she continues to chart new frontiers in consumer behavior research, her legacy as a pioneering scholar remains indelible. Her commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and her relentless pursuit of scholarly excellence serve as inspirations for aspiring researchers. With ongoing projects under review and working papers in progress,her future contributions are poised to further enrich the field of consumer judgment and decision-making, leaving an enduring impact on academia and beyond.

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Tamara Masters | Marketing Strategy  | Best Researcher Award

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