Prof Dr. Hamza Semmari | Renewable eothermal electricity production | Excellence in Research

Ecole Nationale Polytechnique de Constantine, Algeria

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Prof. Dr. Hamza Semmari began his academic journey with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Energetic and Fluid Mechanics, from the University of Boumerdes, Algeria, in 2007. He continued his studies with a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering, focusing on Energetic, Heat Transfer, and Combustion, at the same university from 2007 to 2009. his then pursued a Ph.D. in Engineering Science, with an option in Thermodynamics and Energetics, at the University of Perpignan Via Domitia UPDV & PROMES-CNRS Laboratory in France from 2009 to 2012. He received the Ph.D. with Highest Honors.

Professional Endeavors:

His built an extensive career as a Certified Energy Transformation Expert and a former Pan Arab Certified Energy Management Professional. He is currently a Professor and Research Team Leader at the Ecole Nationale Polytechnique de Constantine in Algeria. His expertise extends to various areas, including energy efficiency, biomass utilization for electricity production, energy resource management, flare systems, techno-economic studies, waste heat recovery, applied thermodynamics, optimization, and advanced energy systems.

Teaching and Administrative Positions:

His played a significant role in academia, serving as the instructor for courses such as Renewables Energies, Heat Transfer, and Applied Thermodynamics. He has supervised Ph.D. and Master's students, demonstrating his commitment to mentoring the next generation of engineers. Additionally, he has held administrative positions such as Team Manager of the "Energy" specialty and External Relations Officer at the Ecole Nationale Polytechnique de Constantine.

Research Focus and Projects:

His research interests encompass energy efficiency, biomass utilization, flare gas valorization, techno-economic studies, and waste heat recovery. his  been actively involved in numerous research projects, including leading the research group for the "Flare gas valorisation for electricity production through ORC systems." He has contributed to international projects, such as UNESCO's IGCP 636 on geothermal resources for energy transition.

Publications and Conferences:

His extensive list of publications in reputable journals and has presented his research at various international conferences. His work covers topics ranging from geological context and thermo-economic studies of geothermal power plants to dynamic modeling of energy conversion systems.

Consultancy Activities and Certifications:

In addition to his academic and research contributions, His engaged in consultancy activities, providing expertise in areas such as photovoltaics, green hydrogen, energy management systems, and energy efficiency networks. He holds certifications in Solar Heat for Industrial Processes and is a Certified Energy Management Professional.

Membership and Leadership:

His is an active member of scientific committees and has chaired sessions at conferences. He has also been involved in various projects, committees, and initiatives related to energy management and efficiency.

Language Skills and Reviewing:

Proficient in English, French, and Arabic, His been involved in reviewing articles for reputable journals in the field of energy, thermal engineering, and applied sciences.

Honors and Awards:

Throughout his career, His received recognition for his contributions, including being a laureate for the Program of Help to create an innovative company in the Mediterranean.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

With a rich academic and professional background, Prof. His made significant contributions to the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and applied thermodynamics. His legacy includes a diverse range of research projects, publications, and leadership roles, and he continues to shape the future through teaching, research, and consultancy activities. his commitment to sustainable energy solutions and innovation positions him as a prominent figure in the field.


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Notable Publications:

A novel Carnot-based cycle for ocean thermal energy conversion
H Semmari, D Stitou, S Mauran
48 - 2012

A novel process for engines or heat pumps based on thermal-hydraulic conversion
S Mauran, M Martins, D Stitou, H Semmari
18 - 2012

Flare gas waste heat recovery: Assessment of organic rankine cycle for electricity production and possible coupling with absorption chiller
H Semmari, A Filali, S Aberkane, R Feidt, M Feidt
12 - 2020

Sensitivity analysis of the new sizing tool “PISTACHE” for solar heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems
H Semmari, O Marc, JP Praene, A Le Denn, F Boudéhenn, F Lucas
11 - 2014

Application of artificial neural network for mixed convection in a square lid-driven cavity with double vertical or horizontal oriented rectangular blocks
A Filali, L Khezzar, H Semmari, O Matar
10 - 2021

Experimental validation of an analytical model of hydraulic motor operating under variable electrical loads and pressure heads
H Semmari, S Mauran, D Stitou
8 - 2017

Case study for experimental validation of a new presizing tool for solar heating, cooling and domestic hot water closed systems
H Semmari, A LeDenn, F Boudéhenn, JP Praene, F Lucas, O Marc
8 - 2017

Production d'électricité par procédé thermo-hydraulique: application à l'exploitation de l'énergie thermique des mers
H Semmari
4 - 2012

Effects of the Soil Properties on Canadian Wells Performance: Numerical Simulation
I Boukail, L Fenchouch, N Kharoua, H Semmari
3 - 2022

Optimization of building energy performance through passive design measures in the Mediterranean climate
MAN Haddad, H Semmari, MC Lekhal, K Imessad, M Amara, L Derradji
2 - 2023


Hamza Semmari | Renewable eothermal electricity production | Excellence in Research

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