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Prof Dr Weisha Wang - Marketing Strategy🎖️

We are delighted to extend our warmest congratulations to you for being awarded the prestigious Weisha Wang Best Researcher Award at the International Conference on Strategic Management and Business Strategy. Your outstanding contributions to the field have not only set a high standard for excellence but have also significantly advanced our understanding of strategic management.Your dedication, hard work, and innovative approach to research have truly set you apart, earning you the well-deserved recognition from the international community. This accomplishment reflects your commitment to excellence and your invaluable contributions to the academic community.We are proud to have you as a member of our team and look forward to witnessing your continued success in the field. Your achievements inspire us all, and we are confident that your future endeavors will further contribute to the advancement of knowledge in strategic management and business strategy.Once again, congratulations on this remarkable achievement. Your success is well-earned, and we celebrate this momentous occasion with great pride.

Professional Profiles:

Early Academic Pursuits:

Weisha Wang embarked on her academic journey at The University of Manchester's Alliance Manchester Business School. She earned a Bachelor's degree in Management in 2007, followed by a Master's in Marketing in 2008. This laid the groundwork for her future academic achievements.

Professional Endeavors:

Her professional trajectory has been marked by a steady climb. Commencing as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Manchester from 2010 to 2014, she has since ascended to significant roles in academia. Notably, she served as a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Marketing at the University of Southampton from 2014 to 2021, a Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) at Newcastle University in 2021-2022, and presently holds the esteemed position of Professor of Marketing at Soochow University since 2022.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Her has made substantial contributions to her field through her research endeavors. Her focus on Human-technology interaction and International Marketing underscores a commitment to understanding the evolving dynamics between humans and technology, as well as the complexities of global marketing in the contemporary landscape.

Funding and Research Grants:

As the principal researcher for the National Natural Science Foundation of China, her. Wang has secured a significant research grant, reflecting the recognition of her work's importance. Additional smaller research grants further attest to her dedication to advancing knowledge in her areas of expertise.

Accolades and Recognition:

Her. Wang's recognition within academia extends beyond her research. Awards such as the Best Teaching Award (2017), Best Feedback Award (2018), and Staff Achievement Award (2019) highlight her excellence in teaching and contribution to the academic community.

Impact and Influence:

The impact of  Wang's work is evident not only in her publications in esteemed journals but also in her editorial experiences. Serving as a Guest Editor for Sustainability, focusing on Sustainable Business, Social Responsibility, Ethics, and Consumer Behavior Research, underscores her commitment to impactful and socially relevant research.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

Her. Wang's legacy is being shaped by her multifaceted contributions. As a track chair in top marketing conferences and an external examiner for reputable institutions, she is actively influencing and shaping the broader academic landscape. Her continued commitment to teaching, research, and service positions her as a key player in the future of Marketing academia.

In summary, Weisha Wang's academic journey showcases a trajectory of continuous growth, impactful research, and a commitment to excellence in teaching. Her influence reaches beyond the confines of traditional academia, emphasizing the importance of her work in both national and international contexts. As she continues her academic journey, Her. Wang's legacy appears poised to leave a lasting impact on the field of Marketing.

Notable Publications:🎖️

1.Understanding customer satisfaction of augmented reality in retail: a human value orientation and consumption value perspective

2.Better self and better us: Exploring the individual and collective motivations for China's Generation Z consumers to reduce plastic pollution

3.The Intolerance of Uncertainty and “Untact” Buying Behavior: The Mediating Role of the Perceived Risk of COVID-19 Variants and        Protection Motivation

4.Accelerating AI adoption with responsible AI signals and employee engagement mechanisms in health care

5.Smile or pity? Examine the impact of emoticon valence on customer satisfaction and purchase intention

6.Digitalized social support in the healthcare environment: Effects of the types and sources of social support on psychological well-being

7.Collaboration between East and West: influence of consumer dialectical self on attitude towards co-brand personality traits

8.Contribution of vocabulary knowledge to reading comprehension among Chinese students: A meta-analysis

9.Reading comprehension and metalinguistic knowledge in Chinese readers: A meta-analysis

10.Do immigration and social media facilitate or inhibit cognitive acculturation? The role of individual dialecticism in dual-focused cultural stimuli evaluation

11.The influence of creative packaging design on customer motivation to process and purchase decisions

12.Is the student-centered learning style more effective than the teacher-student double-centered learning style in improving reading performance?

13.The erosion of UK Higher Education:" Are Students Our Consumers?"


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Weisha Wang | Marketing Strategy | Best Researcher Award

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