Dr. Zhenjie Weng – Language Teacher Education – Best Researcher Award 

Duke Kunshan University  |  China

Author Profile 

Early Academic Pursuits 🎓

Her journey into the academic realm began with a strong foundation in English language and literature. He earned his B.A. in English Language from Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages in 2011, concentrating on International Business. This early academic endeavor set the stage for her future pursuits in language education. Subsequently, Weng obtained a B.A. in English Literature from Arkansas State University in 2013, where he was recognized on the Chancellor’s and Dean’s List for his academic excellence.

 Professional Endeavors 💼

She currently holds the position of Assistant Professor at Duke Kunshan University, a tenure-track appointment he began on January 1, 2023. In this role, Weng has been instrumental in teaching and mentoring students, focusing on English for Academic Purposes (EAP) writing courses. Her previous academic appointments include roles at The Ohio State University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where he served as a course instructor and graduate teaching assistant, respectively. Her extensive teaching experience spans various levels of academic English writing, reinforcing his commitment to language education and pedagogy.

Contributions and Research Focus on Language Teacher Education📚

She research is centered on language teacher education, second language writing, translanguaging pedagogies, and the use of technology in educating ESL/EFL students. Her methodological expertise includes qualitative research methods, collaborative autoethnography, and discourse analysis. Weng’s research has been widely published in prestigious journals, such as TESOL Quarterly and Language Teaching Research. Her work often explores the identity and agency of language teachers, particularly in post-pandemic educational contexts.

For instance, her recent publication in the System journal, “Teaching EAP Writing Class Online: A Case Study of an Emerging Expert from ‘Identity’ and ‘Agency’ Perspectives,” delves into the complexities of teaching EAP writing in a virtual environment. This study exemplifies Weng’s dedication to understanding and improving language education practices through rigorous research.

 Accolades and Recognition 🏆

Her contributions to the field have been recognized through numerous awards and honors. She received the Graduate Associate Teaching Award from The Ohio State University in 2022 and the Emerson and Lucy Zuck Scholarship in 2021. These accolades underscore her excellence in teaching and his commitment to advancing language education. Additionally, her research has been supported by various grants, including the CSCC Faculty Pilot Research Grant and the Community-Based Learning Grant from Duke Kunshan University.

 Impact and Influence 🌍

Her work has had a profound impact on the field of language education. Her research on language teacher identity and agency has influenced teaching practices and educational policies. Weng’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity in education is evident in his involvement in projects like “Embracing Diversity: Developing Cultural Competence for Inclusive Education with the LGBTQ+ Community.” Her efforts to integrate technology in language education have also provided valuable insights into effective teaching strategies for ESL and bilingual students.

 Legacy and Future Contributions 🔮

As an emerging leader in language education, Her legacy is characterized by his innovative research and dedication to teaching. Her work continues to shape the field, providing a framework for understanding the complexities of language teaching and learning in diverse and dynamic contexts. Looking forward, Weng aims to further explore the intersections of technology, identity, and pedagogy in language education, contributing to the development of more effective and inclusive teaching practices.


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Zhenjie Weng | Language Teacher Education | Best Researcher Award

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