Dr . Wadie Othmani - Geography of Tourism - Best Researcher Award 

Carthage University | Tunisia

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Early Academic Pursuits

His academic journey commenced with a solid foundation in mathematics, culminating in a Baccalaureate from Mongi Slim High School, Le Kef-Tunisia. Subsequently, he pursued higher education, obtaining an Applied Bachelor's degree in Construction and Urban Planning from the Higher Institute of Applied Humanities Studies of Tunis (ISEAHT), University of Tunis. His academic pursuits further led him to attain a National Diploma in Urban Planning and Development from the Higher Institute of Environmental, Urban and Building Technologies (ISTEUB), University of Carthage.

Professional Endeavors

His professional journey is characterized by diverse experiences in the fields of urban planning, consulting, and academia. He embarked on his professional career with internships and positions at renowned organizations such as the Agence d'Urbanisme et de Development Durable Lorraine Nord (AGAPE) in France and DIRASSET International consulting firm in Tunisia. These experiences equipped him with practical skills in urban planning, project management, and stakeholder collaboration.


Contributions and Research Focus in Geography of Tourism

Throughout his academic and professional journey, He has demonstrated a keen interest in research and scholarly inquiry. His research focus encompasses topics such as sustainable development, territorial analysis, and tourism geography. He has contributed significantly to the academic discourse through publications, conference presentations, and supervision of research projects.

Accolades and Recognition

His exemplary contributions to academia and professional practice have been acknowledged through various accolades and recognition. Notably, his doctoral thesis, defended under the guidance of esteemed mentors, garnered acclaim from a distinguished jury of experts in the field. His scholarly achievements, coupled with his teaching excellence and commitment to academic rigor, have positioned him as a respected figure in his field.

Impact and Influence

His impact extends beyond the confines of academia, influencing policy, practice, and community development. His research findings and recommendations have informed urban planning initiatives, sustainable development strategies, and tourism policies, contributing to the socio-economic well-being of communities and regions.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As he continues to make strides in his academic and professional journey, his legacy is shaped by his dedication to excellence, innovation, and social responsibility. His commitment to advancing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and addressing societal challenges underscores his enduring legacy in the fields of Urban Planning and Geography of Tourism. With a future marked by continued scholarship, mentorship, and advocacy, her emains poised to make significant contributions to academia, industry, and society at large.



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Wadie Othmani | Geography of Tourism | Best Researcher Award 

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