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Early Academic Pursuits

Her academic journey began with a strong foundation in electronics and telecommunication. Born on July 31, 1986,she pursued her secondary education at M.E.S VPs Balvikas Mandir, Baramati, securing a first class. She further excelled in her higher secondary education at S.P Women’s College, Shardanagar, achieving a distinction.

Her undergraduate studies at Pune University culminated in a Bachelor of Engineering (E&TC) degree, where she graduated with a distinction, scoring 69.33% in her final year. Her academic rigor continued as she pursued a Master's in Engineering (E&TC) with a focus on VLSI and Embedded Systems from MIT College of Engineering, Pune. Her commitment to excellence was evident as she secured a first-class degree with a CGPA of 7.57.

Professional Endeavors

Her professional career began as a software engineer at Mobien Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune, where she worked from August 2008 to February 2009. This role provided her with valuable experience in software development, further enriching her technical skills. She briefly worked as a faculty member at GTEC Computer Education Institute, Pune, before embarking on a long-standing career in academia.

Since July 2009,she has been serving as an Assistant Professor in the E&TC department at Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering for Women, Pune. Her extensive teaching experience spans over 14 years, during which she has taught various theory and practical subjects, including Cellular Networks, Digital Image Processing, and Database Management Systems. Her role extends beyond teaching, involving significant administrative responsibilities such as serving as the Laboratory Incharge and Departmental Library Coordinator.


Contributions and Research Focus in Artificial Intelligence

Her contributions to the field of electronics and telecommunication are notable. Her research primarily focuses on image processing, medical image fusion, and the application of transform techniques. She has presented and published several papers in national and international conferences and journals. Some of her notable publications include:

  • "A Survey of Medical Image Fusion Algorithms" presented at the Emerging Trends in Electronics and Telecommunication conference at MITCOE, Pune.
  • "Image Fusion Based on Transformation Techniques" presented at the International Conference on Electronics and Communication Engineering in Pune.
  • "An Improved Image Fusion Algorithm Based on the Second Generation Curvelet Transform Using Maximum Selection Rule" presented at the e-PGCON-2013 Conference in Loni, Ahmednagar.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout her career, she has been recognized for her dedication and excellence in both academic and administrative roles. She has coordinated numerous workshops, seminars, and technical events, significantly contributing to the professional development of her students. Her role as a coordinator in various capacities, including the Human Values Workshop under the Art of Living and the NAAC Criteria 4 committee, highlights her commitment to fostering a holistic educational environment.

Impact and Influence

Her influence extends beyond her immediate academic duties. As the Institute Level Co-Coordinator of the Human Values Workshop, she has played a pivotal role in instilling essential values and ethics among students. Her coordination of the Electronics and Telecommunication Students Association (ETSA) has facilitated numerous technical and non-technical seminars, enriching the learning experience for students.

Her technical expertise and innovative teaching methods have left a lasting impact on her students, many of whom have gone on to excel in their professional careers.her guidance as a counselor and guardian faculty member has been instrumental in the personal and academic development of her students.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Looking ahead, her aims to continue her contributions to the field of electronics and telecommunication through innovative research and dedicated teaching. Her ongoing Ph.D. pursuit in Electronics and Communication Engineering at MIT WPU Pune is a testament to her commitment to academic excellence and research innovation.

Her vision is to leverage her extensive knowledge and experience to further enhance the quality of education and research in her field. She aspires to contribute to the development of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies that can address real-world challenges in electronics and communication.

In conclusion, her journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of knowledge, excellence in teaching, and a profound impact on her students and the academic community. Her dedication and contributions continue to inspire and shape the future of electronics and telecommunication engineering.



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