Mr. Md Shafiqul Alam | Air Passenger Prediction | Best Researcher Award

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Md Shafiqul Alam's academic journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Bangladesh University of Professionals, completed in 2014. His early education laid the foundation for a strong background in aerospace engineering, providing a comprehensive understanding of mechanical and electromechanical systems. He further pursued a Master's in Industrial Systems Engineering at the University of Regina in Canada, obtaining his MASc degree in 2021. This educational background equipped him with a diverse skill set, combining engineering principles with a focus on industrial systems.

Professional Endeavors:

His professional journey spans over eight years, showcasing a wealth of experience in various engineering roles. Notably, his time at SaskPower in Canada has been marked by significant contributions in engineering maintenance, project planning, and technical documentation. His role as a Mechanical Engineer (EIT) involves project planning, technical assistance, and economic analysis, highlighting his multidisciplinary expertise. Prior to his role at SaskPower, His served as a Field Service Tech at Arjo Canada, where he demonstrated proficiency in scheduling preventative maintenance, equipment installation, and repair services. His responsibilities included supervising installations and supporting rental operations, showcasing his hands-on technical skills.

Contributions and Research Focus:

During his tenure as a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Regina, His made substantial contributions to the field. He implemented data-based computerized prediction models for aviation prospects, showcasing a forward-looking approach. His intelligent system for predicting air traffic demand based on socio-economic parameters demonstrated a remarkable accuracy of 91.67%, emphasizing his research prowess.

Accolades and Recognition:

His commitment to excellence is evident in his registration as an Engineer-In-Training with APEGS, reflecting professional recognition and adherence to industry standards. His familiarity with ISO 9001: 2008 Standards & Practices and ASTM/ASME/SAE Grade, Standard & Specification underscores his commitment to quality and compliance.

Impact and Influence:

In his role as Assistant Engineer (Maintenance and Planning) at US-Bangla Airlines Ltd, His played a crucial role in ensuring compliance with AS9110 standards. His responsibilities included evaluating mechanical and electromechanical systems, conducting vibration analysis, and managing compliance with maintenance requirements. His active involvement in safety hazard investigations and Root Cause Analysis (RCA) demonstrates a commitment to safety and continuous improvement.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

As a Lecturer (Adjunct) at the Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST), His contributed to the education and mentorship of undergraduate students in Aeronautical Engineering. His legacy includes developing and delivering lectures on engineering topics, fostering the growth of future engineers.

Professional Profiles:

An Intelligent System Approach for Predicting Air Traffic Demand Based on Socio-Economic Parameters MDS Alam The University of Regina (Canada)

An artificial neural network for predicting air traffic demand based on socio-economic parameters MDS Alam, JB Deb, A Al Amin, S Chowdhury Decision Analytics Journal, 100382

Md Shafiqul Alam | Air Passenger Prediction | Best Researcher Award

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