Assoc Prof Dr, Laleh Salehi | Sustainable Futurs | Best Researcher Award

Razi University, Kermanshah, Iran 

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Early Academic Pursuits:

Laleh Salehi embarked on her academic journey at Razi University in Kermanshah, Iran, where her passion for learning and research was nurtured. During her early academic pursuits, she displayed a keen interest in a diverse range of subjects, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

Professional Endeavors:

After completing her academic journey, Her ventured into the professional realm, where she actively applied her knowledge and skills. Engaging in various professional endeavors, she sought to make meaningful contributions to her field and community, demonstrating a commitment to excellence in her work.

Contributions and Research Focus:

Her significantly contributed to the academic and research landscape, with a particular focus on [Specify Research Focus]. Her dedication to advancing knowledge in this area has led to noteworthy contributions, fostering innovation and understanding within her field of expertise.

Accolades and Recognition:

Throughout her career,Her received numerous accolades and recognition for her outstanding contributions. Her work has been acknowledged by peers, institutions, and organizations, affirming her position as a notable figure in her field. Awards and honors serve as a testament to her dedication and excellence.

Impact and Influence:

Her impact extends beyond the academic and professional realms. Her work has influenced not only her peers but also the broader community. Through research, teaching, or other impactful initiatives, she has left a lasting mark, contributing to positive change and advancement in her field.

Legacy and Future Contributions:

As a trailblazer in her field, Her established a legacy characterized by excellence and a commitment to knowledge. Looking forward, she continues to inspire future generations, paving the way for ongoing contributions and advancements. Her dedication to shaping the future of her field ensures a lasting and meaningful legacy.

Notable Publications:

Fostering sustainability-oriented knowledge-sharing in academic environment: A key strategic process to achieving SDGs through development of students' sustainable …
N Naderi, F Monavvarifard, L Salehi
22, 2022

Analysis of factors affecting the development of an entrepreneurial student.
FM Fard, SA Dehghan, A Lotfian, L Salehi
12, 2013

Analyzing the role of motivation factors in Herzberg’s theory on teacher’s job satisfaction (Case study: Elementary schools in Talesh city)
S Nosraty, B Khosravipour, F Monavvarifard, F Hamidi, L Salehi
11, 2015

Explaining the Sustainability of Universities through the Contribution of Students’ Pro-Environmental Behavior and the Management System
Y Mohammadi, F Monavvarifard, L Salehi, R Movahedi, S Karimi, ...
8, 2023

Barriers and Facilitators of Agri-Tourism Sustainable Development in West of Mazandaran Province
R Solymannejad, A Alibaygi, L Salehi
3, 2022

The effect of agricultural bank credits on the quality of life in rural regions (Case study: Zanjan township)
M Karami, H Agahi, L Salehi
3, 2020

Factors Affecting on Outspread of Sustainable Higher Education from Viewpoints of Students (Case Study: College of Agriculture Sciences, Bu-Ali Sina University)
Y Mohammadi, F Monavvarifard, L Salehi, R Movahedi
3, 2019

Attitude of farmers to soil conservation practices (SCPs) in Kermanshah Province.
Z Karani, N Shiri, L Salehi
3, 2014


Stakeholders’ Analysis of Sustainable Development of Agricultural Tourism in the West of Mazandaran Province
R Solymannejad, A Alibaygi, L Salehi
2, 2022

Analysis effect of curriculum components on students’ Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy in Alborz agricultural technical higher education centers
L Salehi, F Monavarifard, Y Mohamadi
2, 2017

Laleh Salehi | Sustainable Futurs | Best Researcher Award

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