Dr. HaiYing Liu | Urban SDGs, nature-based solutions, climate adaptation | Best Researcher Award

The Climate and Environmental Research Institute NILU, Norway

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Early Academic Pursuits

HaiYing Liu's academic journey began with a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science from Inner Mongolia University in 1998. She continued her education with a Master's degree in Ecology from the same university, focusing on eco-city planning and environmental protection. Her pursued a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Oslo, Norway, with a thesis on "Studies of vegetation-environment relationships and vegetation dynamics in Chinese subtropical forests."

Professional Endeavors

Her professional career has been marked by her significant contributions in the field of environmental research. She started as a Scientist at the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) in Kjeller, Norway, in 2006 and later progressed to the role of Senior Scientist in the Department of Environmental Impacts and Sustainability. Her work at NILU involved various projects, including serving as a Project Manager for SDGs pilot projects, EEA tenders, and EU Horizon Europe initiatives. Notably, she has been involved in projects related to air quality monitoring, sustainable urban development, and the impact of climate-related risks on human health.

Contributions and Research Focus

Her expertise spans environmental sustainability, citizen science, nature-based solutions, circular usage of organic waste, and interdisciplinary research. She has been actively involved in international collaborations and networks, contributing to projects such as MASSEV, SmartFood, and the Network on Water-Energy-Food Nexus. Her research focus includes the development of health risk assessment systems, monitoring air quality in cities, and engaging citizens in sustainable practices. Her also played a key role in advising the European Environmental Agency on urban sustainability and climate change mitigation.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout her career, Her demonstrated proficiency in multiple languages, including English, Norwegian, Mongolian, and Russian. Her digital skills encompass various tools and platforms, showcasing her adaptability and versatility in the modern work environment.

Impact and Influence

Her impact is evident in her role as a leader and coordinator of numerous projects addressing critical environmental issues. Her involvement in projects like CITI-SENSE and hackAIR reflects her commitment to raising awareness about air quality and environmental conditions among the public.

Legacy and Future Contributions

Her legacy lies in her extensive body of research, leadership in international projects, and dedication to sustainable urban development. Her work continues to influence policies, citizen engagement strategies, and the integration of nature-based solutions into urban environments.

Notable Publications:

Acid rain in China
T Larssen, E Lydersen, D Tang, Y He, J Gao, H Liu, L Duan, HM Seip, ...
559, 2006

Crowdsourcing, citizen science or volunteered geographic information? The current state of crowdsourced geographic information
L See, P Mooney, G Foody, L Bastin, A Comber, J Estima, S Fritz, N Kerle, ...
309, 2016

Mobile technologies and services for environmental monitoring: The Citi-Sense-MOB approach
N Castell, M Kobernus, HY Liu, P Schneider, W Lahoz, AJ Berre, J Noll
180, 2015

Performance Assessment of a Low-Cost PM2.5 Sensor for a near Four-Month Period in Oslo, Norway
RHMV Hai-Ying Liu, Philipp Schneider
174, 2019

A conceptual approach to a citizens’ observatory–supporting community-based environmental governance
HY Liu, M Kobernus, D Broday, A Bartonova
117, 2014

A Review of Airborne Particulate Matter Effects on Young Children’s Respiratory Symptoms and Diseases
SIAP Hai-Ying Liu, Daniel Dunea
84, 2018

Quantifying the impact of PM2.5 and associated heavy metals on respiratory health of children near metallurgical facilities
D Dunea, S Iordache, HY Liu, T Bøhler, A Pohoata, C Radulescu
84, 2016

Mapping and the citizen sensor
G Foody, S Fritz, CC Fonte, L Bastin, AM Olteanu-Raimond, P Mooney, ...
76, 2017

Mobile phone tracking: in support of modelling traffic-related air pollution contribution to individual exposure and its implications for public health impact assessment
HY Liu, E Skjetne, M Kobernus
74, 2013

Respiratory disease in relation to outdoor air pollution in Kanpur, India
HY Liu, A Bartonova, M Schindler, M Sharma, SN Behera, K Katiyar, ...
56, 2013

Hai Ying Liu | Urban SDGs, nature-based solutions, climate adaptation | Best Researcher Award

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