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Assist Prof Dr.Khalid M. Alharbi – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Best Researcher Award

 Taibah University | Saudi Arabia

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Early Academic Pursuits

His journey in academia began with his pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Qassim University, Saudi Arabia, in 2012. Demonstrating a strong aptitude for numbers and financial systems, he progressed to Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, where he earned a Master’s degree in Accounting in 2016. His academic endeavors culminated with a Ph.D. in Accounting from Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, in 2021. His dissertation, focusing on the impact of the 2030 Vision and firm characteristics on corporate social responsibility disclosure in Saudi Arabia, showcases his deep interest in sustainability and corporate governance.


Professional Endeavors

he has an extensive professional background, marked by roles in both academic and business settings. His career began as a Teaching Assistant at Taibah University from 2012 to 2020. In this role, he was instrumental in nurturing the next generation of accountants. He briefly lectured at the National Entrepreneurship Institute in 2013, where he coached an intensive course, “Start Your Project,” and evaluated feasibility studies for entrepreneurs in Yanbu.

his leadership skills came to the fore when he served as the Head of Management and Accounting Department at Taibah University from 2022 to 2024. Currently, he holds the position of Assistant Professor at Taibah University and serves as the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs at the College of Business Administration (CBA) in Yanbu since September 2022.


Contributions and Research Focus on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

His is an academic with a profound interest in teaching and research in sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure (CSRD), institutional changes, corporate governance, and risk management. His research contributions are significant, particularly in the fields of sustainability and corporate social responsibility, as reflected in his numerous publications.

One of his notable works includes the study on the impact of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 on corporate social responsibility disclosures. His research has provided valuable insights into how firms adapt to new regulatory environments and the broader socio-economic impacts of these adaptations.

Accolades and Recognition

Throughout his career, He has received numerous accolades that highlight his expertise and dedication. He is known for his leadership in academia and has been recognized for his contributions to research and education in accounting. His role in developing academic programs at Taibah University has been particularly impactful, setting new standards for academic excellence and research in the region.

Impact and Influence

His work has had a significant impact on both the academic community and the corporate sector. His research on corporate governance and sustainability has influenced policy-making and business practices, particularly in Saudi Arabia. His dedication to continuous learning and improvement has inspired many students and professionals in the field of accounting.

Legacy and Future Contributions

He continues his career, his commitment to excellence in teaching, research, and leadership remains steadfast. His future contributions are expected to further enhance the fields of sustainability, corporate governance, and risk management. his legacy is one of dedication, innovation, and impact, and his work will continue to influence and inspire future generations.



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Notable Publications
Khalid M. Alharbi | Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) | Best Researcher Award

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