Assoc Prof Dr. Ferry Jie | Supply Chain and Logistics, Transportation | Best Researcher Award

Edith Cowan University - Australia

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Early Academic Pursuits

Ferry Jie began his academic journey with a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering in 1996, followed by a Master of Industrial Engineering in 2000. He achieved the pinnacle of academic excellence by earning a Doctor of Philosophy from The University of Sydney in 2008. His doctoral thesis focused on "Supply Chain Analysis in the Australian Beef Industry."

Professional Endeavors

His professional journey is marked by significant contributions to the fields of supply chain management and logistics. Currently serving as the Secretary to the Chartered Institute Logistics and Transport (CILTA) WA Committee, he also holds a role in the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) WA Committee.

Research Focus and Contributions

His research contributions are noteworthy, with over 55 refereed journal articles and 10 conference papers published from 2017 to the present. His research spans various international forums, making him a sought-after keynote speaker at symposiums and conferences in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, the UK, and Australia.

Competitive Research Grants

His commitment to research is evident in the numerous competitive research grants he has secured, totaling over $1.85 million between 2010 and 2022. These grants cover diverse topics such as digital competencies, sustainability, business continuity post-COVID-19, and integrated freight systems.

Academic Achievements

His academic achievements include a Doctor of Philosophy from The University of Sydney in 2008, with a focus on supply chain analysis. Additionally, he holds a Master of Industrial Engineering and a Bachelor of Industrial Engineering.

Teaching Experience

His dedication to education is demonstrated through his teaching roles at RMIT and Edith Cowan University (ECU). He has served as a course coordinator and lecturer for various logistics and supply chain management courses, shaping the education of students in these fields.

Professional Service and Leadership

His displayed leadership both internally and externally. Internally, he served as Deputy Director of the Centre of Innovative Practice and played key roles in program coordination and research committees. Externally, he has been actively involved in professional organizations such as CILTA, SCLAA, Asset Institute, and more, showcasing his commitment to the broader industry.

Editorial and Reviewer Roles

In addition to his academic and leadership roles, His served as an associate editor for Frontier in Psychology and a guest editor for various reputable journals. He has also contributed as a thesis examiner and ad hoc reviewer for prestigious academic journals and conferences.

Community Engagement and Advisory Roles

Beyond academia, His involved in community engagement, serving as Vice President of the Interim School Council for Tarneit College and supporting Compassion Australia to aid child survival. His advisory role on the Supply Chains Indonesia Association (SCI) Advisory Board further demonstrates his commitment to the industry's growth and development.

Impact and Future Contributions

His impactful contributions to academia, research, and industry leadership have positioned him as a prominent figure in the field of supply chain management and logistics. His legacy includes a wealth of published research, successful grant acquisitions, and a dedication to educating and guiding the next generation. Looking forward, his continued involvement in research, leadership, and community engagement is poised to leave a lasting impact on the academic and professional landscape.


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h-index           34                  33

i10-index        72                  67

Notable Publications:

To waste or not to waste: Exploring motivational factors of Generation Z hospitality employees towards food wastage in the hospitality industry
E Goh, F Jie
149  - 2019

Relationships between quality of information sharing and supply chain food quality in the Australian beef processing industry
M Juan Ding, F Jie, K A. Parton, M J. Matanda
134 - 2014

Analysis of the effect of attitude toward works, organizational commitment, and job satisfaction, on employee’s job performance
A Susanty, R Miradipta, F Jie
134 - 2013

Halal food supply chain integrity: from a literature review to a conceptual framework
MH Zulfakar, F Jie, C Chan
128 - 2012

Corporate social responsibility, financial performance and risk in Indonesian natural resources industry
D Devie, LP Liman, J Tarigan, F Jie
126 - 2020

Supply chain integration enables resilience, flexibility, and innovation to improve business performance in COVID-19 era
H Siagian, ZJH Tarigan, F Jie
121 - 2021

Bibliometric analysis of the term'green manufacturing'
I Setyaningsih, N Indarti, F Jie
108 - 2018

Dynamic recovery policies for time-critical supply chains under conditions of ripple effect
D Ivanov, B Sokolov, I Solovyeva, A Dolgui, F Jie
100 - 2016

Critical factors in information technology capability for enhancing firm's environmental performance: case of Indonesian ICT sector
D Antoni, F Jie, A Abareshi
97 - 2020

Linking supply chain practices to competitive advantage: An example from Australian agribusiness
F Jie, KA Parton, RJ Cox
95 - 2013

Impact of internal integration, supply chain partnership, supply chain agility, and supply chain resilience on sustainable advantage
ZJH Tarigan, H Siagian, F Jie
88 -  2021


Ferry Jie | Supply Chain and Logistics, Transportation | Best Researcher Award

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