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Jiangnan University | China

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Early Academic Pursuits

He embarked on his academic journey at the esteemed Jiangnan University in China, where he pursued a Master's degree in Logistics Engineering. Under the guidance of Prof. Xujin Pu, he delved into the intricate realm of supply chain management, operations management, and socially responsible operations. His dissertation, titled "The Effect of Government Subsidy Policy on the Mechanism of 'E-commerce + Farmers' Supply Chain," underscored his commitment to exploring the dynamic intersection of government policies and modern supply chain practices. Prior to this, he earned his Bachelor's degree in Accounting from Chang'an University, where he conducted research on asset recognition within the context of the BOT mode of urban rail transit.

Professional Endeavors

Armed with a solid academic foundation he transitioned into the professional arena with notable achievements. He served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, focusing on international politics and economics, international finance, and innovation. Additionally, his tenure as a Postdoc Researcher at Tsinghua University enriched his expertise in digital economy, macroeconomics, and green finance. his stint at Morgan Stanley's R&D Department and his role as an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Birmingham further honed his practical skills in finance and management.


Contributions and Research Focus in operations management

His contributions to academia are underscored by his impactful research endeavors and project involvements. His publications in esteemed journals such as Electronic Commerce Research and Applications and the Chinese Journal of Management Science have shed light on pertinent issues like live streaming sales and government subsidy policies in e-commerce. Moreover, his active participation in research projects funded by the Ministry of Education of China and the Key Project of Philosophy and Social Science of Wuxi reflects his dedication to addressing real-world challenges in supply chain operations and digital economy promotion.

Accolades and Recognition

His stellar academic performance has been duly recognized through various awards and honors. His accolades include the Second Place in the PTE Teaching Competition, the prestigious Jingcheng Scholarship of China Construction 4th Engineering Bureau 6th Corporation, and the title of Outstanding Postgraduate Student of Jiangnan University. These accolades underscore his exceptional intellectual prowess and commitment to excellence in both academic and professional domains.

Impact and Influence

His research and scholarly contributions have left a lasting impact on the fields of logistics, supply chain management, and operations. By elucidating complex phenomena such as the operational mechanisms of agricultural supply chains and the role of digital economy in industrial transformation, he has contributed valuable insights to academia and industry alike. His presentations at prestigious workshops and summer schools have facilitated knowledge dissemination and academic discourse, further cementing his influence in the academic community.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As he continues to chart new territories in academia and beyond, his legacy as a dedicated researcher and educator is bound to endure. With a keen focus on addressing contemporary challenges in supply chain management and digital economy, he is poised to make significant contributions to sustainable development and economic growth. Through continued research endeavors, mentorship, and knowledge dissemination, he is set to inspire future generations of scholars and practitioners in the field of business and management.

Notable Publications

  • Self-broadcasting or cooperating with streamers? A perspective on live streaming sales of fresh products. Electronic Commerce Research and Applications,
  • Subsidy Based on Purchase Volume or Purchase Price? ——The Government Subsidy Policy for Poverty Alleviation through E-Commerce. Chinese Journal of Management Science
Deling Lai | operations management | Best Researcher Award

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