Mr. Wei LIN – Coordinated delivery of trucks and drones – Best Researcher Award 

The Chinese University of Hong Kong | Hong Kong

Author Profile 

Early Academic Pursuits 🎓

His academic journey began with an impressive achievement at Beihang University, where he ranked in the top 0.3% of the university entrance exam. From September 2019 to June 2023, he pursued a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, maintaining a GPA of 3.82/4 and achieving a weighted score of 91.5/100. His ranking was 3rd out of 49 students, reflecting his dedication and academic excellence. Wei also demonstrated his language proficiency with an IELTS score of 7.0.

he is set to further his education at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, where he will pursue a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Hong Xu. His research interests lie in the field of Federated Learning, a cutting-edge area in computer science.

 Professional Endeavors 💼

His research experience is extensive and varied, highlighting his ability to engage in complex projects and contribute significantly to the field of engineering and computer science.

Impact of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions in the COVID-19 Pandemic (March 2022 – December 2022)

As a research intern supervised by Prof. Jia Li, he proposed a method based on deep point process to predict the trajectory of confirmed COVID-19 cases. He modeled and studied the impact of government policies on the spread of the pandemic, demonstrating his ability to apply advanced analytical techniques to real-world problems.

Graph Learning on Hyperbolic Space (March 2022 – August 2022)

Under the supervision of Prof. Irwin King, he explored how to build graph neural networks in a Riemannian space and studied the application of hyperbolic graph neural networks in recommendation systems. This research showcases his interest in and capability to handle sophisticated mathematical and computational models.

Contributions and Research Focus on Coordinated delivery of trucks and drones📚

His contributions to the field are marked by several significant publications and research projects:

  1. From Random Failures to Targeted Attacks in Network Dismantling (January 2021 – April 2021)
    • Publication: Reliability Engineering & System Safety (2021)
    • DOI: 108146
    • Summary: Wei proposed an efficient transformation process to convert random failure traces into highly effective attacks, designed an iterative framework for scalable network attacks, and performed sensitivity analysis for parameter tuning.
  2. Efficient Network Dismantling Through Genetic Algorithm (July 2020 – March 2021)
    • Publication: Soft Computing (2021)
    • DOI: 1-19
    • Summary: Wei developed a method for measuring the effectiveness of dismantling strategies and proposed a novel technique based on genetic algorithms, performing sensitivity analysis and comparisons with state-of-the-art methods.

 Accolades and Recognition 🏆

His academic and research excellence has been recognized through numerous scholarships and awards:

  • Learning Excellent Scholarship of BUAA: 2019-2020, 2020-2021, 2021-2022
  • Excellent Student of BUAA: 2019-2020
  • Merit Student of BUAA: 2020-2021, 2021-2022
  • Discipline Competition Scholarship of BUAA: 2020-2021
  • Social Work Outstanding Scholarship of BUAA: 2020-2021, 2021-2022

 Impact and Influence 🌍

His research has a broad impact, particularly in understanding the dynamics of network dismantling and the applications of graph learning in hyperbolic space. His work on the COVID-19 pandemic has provided valuable insights into the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions, while his contributions to network dismantling and genetic algorithms offer new methods for improving the robustness and efficiency of network systems.


  Citations    320

  h-index      10

  i10-index   10

Legacy and Future Contributions 🔮

His ongoing and future research promises to make significant strides in the fields of federated learning and computer science. His doctoral studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, under the guidance of Prof. Hong Xu, will further hone his expertise and lead to innovative developments in these areas.


  • Teaching Experience: Wei has served as a teaching assistant for courses in Computer Science and Programming, Data Management, and Artificial Intelligence, where he taught Python fundamentals, data structures, database systems, SQL, and heuristic searching algorithms.
  • Contest Experience: Wei was a finalist in the Interdisciplinary Contest In Modeling (2021), ranking in the top 1% among competitors worldwide.

His profile demonstrates a blend of academic brilliance, impactful research, and a commitment to advancing knowledge in his field. His journey from a top-ranking undergraduate student to a promising Ph.D. candidate and researcher illustrates his dedication to both personal and professional growth.

Notable Publications 

  1. Histone demethylase Kdm5c regulates osteogenesis and bone formation via PI3K/Akt/HIF1α and Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathways
  2. Cartilage organoids for cartilage development and cartilage-associated disease modeling
  3. Alleviation of osteoarthritis by intra-articular transplantation of circulating mesenchymal stem cells
  4. Copper regulation of immune response and potential implications for treating orthopedic disorders
  5. Cranial Bone Transport Promotes Angiogenesis, Neurogenesis, and Modulates Meningeal Lymphatic Function in Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Rats
  6. Asiatic acid protects articular cartilage through promoting chondrogenesis and inhibiting inflammation and hypertrophy in osteoarthritis
  7. Dynamic regulation of mitochondrial-endoplasmic reticulum crosstalk during stem cell homeostasis and aging
  8. Hydroxysafflor yellow A promotes osteogenesis and bone development via epigenetically regulating β-catenin and prevents ovariectomy-induced bone loss
  9. Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide Promotes Fracture Healing in Sympathectomized Mice
  10. De-osteogenic-differentiated mesenchymal stem cells accelerate fracture healing by mir-92b
Wei LIN | Coordinated delivery of trucks and drones | Best Researcher Award

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