Dr. Shiyun Xia – Industrial Organization – Best Researcher Award

Tianjin University | China

Author ProfileĀ 

    • https://economics.illinois.edu/sites/default/files/assoc-files/285/CV_Shiyun%20Xia.pdf

Early Academic Pursuits šŸŽ“

Education and Training

His academic journey began with a robust foundation in both economics and mathematics, earning his Bachelor of Science degree from Renmin University of China in 2009. This dual focus provided him with a strong analytical framework and a deep understanding of economic theories, setting the stage for his future academic pursuits. Following his undergraduate studies, his further honed his skills and knowledge by pursuing a Master of Science in Economics through a joint program between Kyushu University in Japan and Renmin University of China, graduating in 2012. This international program broadened his academic horizons and exposed him to diverse economic systems and methodologies.

The pinnacle of His early academic endeavors was achieved at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), where he earned his Ph.D. in Economics in 2020. At UIUC, his research interests crystallized, focusing on Industrial Organization, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Finance, and Microeconomics. His doctoral studies were marked by significant academic achievements and recognitions, including the Department Summer Research Grant in 2014 and the Cleo Fitzsimmons Best Core Performance Award in 2013.

Ā Professional Endeavors šŸ’¼

Academic Positions

Since 2020, he has been serving as an Assistant Professor at the Ma Yinchu School of Economics at Tianjin University. In this role, he has been actively involved in both teaching and research, imparting his knowledge to students while continuing to explore and contribute to his fields of interest. His academic positions have allowed him to mentor the next generation of economists and contribute to the intellectual community at Tianjin University.

In addition to his teaching responsibilities, he has accumulated substantial research experience. He worked as a Research Assistant for Professor In-Koo Cho at UIUC from 2015 to 2017, where he was involved in large-scale parallel simulations of macroeconomic learning theories using MATLAB and GNU Octave. His role also included computer lab management and Linux system maintenance, demonstrating his technical proficiency and versatility.

Contributions and Research Focus on Industrial OrganizationšŸ“š

  • His research contributions are both significant and diverse, primarily focusing on Industrial Organization, Innovation, Entrepreneurial Finance, and Microeconomics. His work in these areas aims to deepen the understanding of market structures, firm behavior, competition policy, and innovation dynamics.One of his notable publications is “Antitrust regulation, innovation and industry dynamics,” which appeared in The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance in 2024. In this paper, he examines the interplay between antitrust regulations and innovation within various industries, shedding light on how regulatory policies can influence market dynamics and innovation outcomes.Another significant contribution is his paper titled “The Market for Technologies and Aggregate Innovation,” which has been accepted for publication in the Canadian Journal of Economics. This research explores the relationship between technological markets and aggregate innovation, providing valuable insights into how technology transactions can drive overall innovation in the economy.

Accolades and Recognition šŸ†

His academic excellence has been recognized through various honors and awards. During his time at UIUC, he received the Department Summer Research Grant in 2014 and the Cleo Fitzsimmons Best Core Performance Award in 2013. His earlier achievements include a Scholarship for Study at Kyushu University in 2010 and multiple University Scholarships at Renmin University from 2005 to 2008.

These accolades reflect his dedication to academic excellence and his significant contributions to economic research. His work has not only advanced theoretical understanding but also provided practical implications for policymakers and industry practitioners.

Ā Impact and Influence šŸŒ

Community Impact

His research has had a substantial impact on the field of Industrial Organization and beyond. His insights into antitrust regulation, innovation, and industry dynamics have influenced both academic discourse and policy discussions. By exploring the nuanced interactions between regulation and innovation, his work has provided valuable guidance for designing policies that promote competitive markets and foster innovation.

His contributions to understanding the market for technologies and aggregate innovation have also been influential. By examining how technological markets function and their role in driving innovation, his research has informed strategies for enhancing technological development and economic growth.

Ā Legacy and Future Contributions šŸ”®

    • As an Assistant Professor at Tianjin University, he is poised to continue making significant contributions to the field of economics. His ongoing research will likely delve deeper into the intricacies of market structures, competition policies, and innovation dynamics. His work is expected to shape future economic policies and business strategies, making a lasting impact on the field.Furthermore, his role as an educator allows him to inspire and mentor future economists, ensuring that his legacy extends beyond his own research. By fostering a new generation of scholars, he is contributing to the continued advancement of economic knowledge and its application to real-world challenges.In summary, his journey from his early academic pursuits to his current professional endeavors highlights his dedication to excellence in economics. His research has significantly influenced the field, and his ongoing work promises to leave a lasting legacy in the world of Industrial Organization and beyond.

Notable PublicationsĀ 

          • Shiyun Xia, “Antitrust regulation, innovation and industry dynamics,” The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 2024.
          • Shiyun Xia, “The Market for Technologies and Aggregate Innovation,” Canadian Journal of Economics, Accepted.
Shiyun Xia | Industrial Organization | Best Researcher Award

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