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Luiz Felipe Niedermaier Custódio | Enhanced Oil Recovery | Best Paper Award

Mr . Luiz Felipe Niedermaier Custódio - Enhanced Oil Recovery - Best Paper Award

Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo | Brazil

Author Profile 

Early Academic Pursuits

He exhibited a keen interest in engineering and technology from an early age. His academic journey commenced with a focus on Naval and Oceanic Engineering at the Polytechnic School of the University of Sao Paulo (Poli-USP), where he delved into the intricacies of time series clustering of production data using autoencoders. This early exploration laid the foundation for his future endeavors in the realm of artificial intelligence and data analysis.

Professional Endeavors

Throughout his career, he has been deeply involved in the intersection of technology and the oil and gas (O&G) industry. As the co-founder of DEEPSTRATA, an Artificial Intelligence (AI) startup, he spearheaded efforts to leverage seismic, rock, well log, and production data to drive innovation within the O&G sector. His role involved not only the incubation of the startup at Unicamp's Technological Park but also the attainment of the prestigious Unicamp Inventors Award in the Academic Spin-off category. Under his leadership, DEEPSTRATA achieved remarkable milestones, including KPIs benchmarking with asset-level granularity and the recruitment of a multidisciplinary team comprising MScs and PhDs in geophysics, engineering, and software.


Contributions and Research Focus in Enhanced Oil Recovery

His contributions extend beyond the realm of entrepreneurship. As a researcher at Integrated Technology of Rock and Fluid Analysis (InTRA-USP), he played a pivotal role in the acquisition, integration, analysis, and prediction of data from over 1700 enhanced oil recovery projects worldwide. His expertise in data analysis and predictive modeling proved invaluable in driving insights and innovation within the O&G industry.

Accolades and Recognition

His contributions have not gone unnoticed, garnering recognition from both academic and industry peers. His Master's Thesis results were selected for presentation at the ANP Annual Review Meeting in 2022, underscoring the significance of his research findings. Furthermore, his tenure as Projects Director and Counselor at SPE USP Student Chapter was marked by excellence, culminating in the chapter's receipt of the Outstanding Student Chapter Award from the Society of Petroleum Engineers. This prestigious accolade, bestowed upon the top 5% of chapters worldwide, serves as a testament to his leadership and dedication.

Impact and Influence

His work has had a profound impact on the O&G industry, driving innovation and fostering collaboration across interdisciplinary domains. His efforts in harnessing AI and data analytics to optimize production processes have positioned him as a trailblazer in the field. Moreover, his leadership roles within academic and professional organizations have inspired countless students and professionals to pursue excellence in their respective fields.

Legacy and Future Contributions

As he continues to chart new frontiers in the realm of AI and data-driven decision-making, his legacy is poised to endure. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and a relentless pursuit of excellence, he remains at the forefront of transformative change within the O&G industry. Looking ahead, his future contributions hold the promise of further revolutionizing how we approach exploration, production, and optimization in the energy sector.



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Luiz Felipe Niedermaier Custódio | Enhanced Oil Recovery | Best Paper Award
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