Prof. Bor -Jiunn Wen – Automatic optical inspection  – Best Researcher Award

 Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering/ National Taiwan Ocean University | Taiwan

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Early Academic Pursuits 🎓

Education and Training

His academic journey began with a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tamkang University in Taipei County, Taiwan, in June 2001. His early exposure to mechanical engineering laid a strong foundation for his future endeavors. He continued his academic pursuits at National Chiao Tung University in Hsinchu, Taiwan, where he earned both his M.S. in 2003 and his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering in 2012. Wen’s education equipped him with extensive knowledge in mechanics, mechanical design, control system design, and other crucial areas, setting the stage for his future contributions to the field.

 Professional Endeavors 💼

Academic Positions

His has held several notable positions throughout his career, demonstrating his expertise and dedication to mechanical and mechatronic engineering. He began as a Researcher at the Optical Radiation Laboratory, Center for Measurement Standards (CMS), Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), where he worked from October 2003 to January 2015. His work here culminated in his role as Laboratory Director from January 2013 to December 2013. In February 2015, Wen transitioned to academia as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU). His dedication and exceptional contributions led to his promotion to Associate Professor in February 2019 and then to Professor in August 2024.

Contributions and Research Focus on Automatic optical inspection📚

Research and Innovations

His research interests are diverse and impactful, spanning mechanics, control system design, opto-mechatronics, optical and color measurements, automatic optical inspection, and machine learning. His notable projects include:

  1. Measurement of Stress Characteristics in Flexible Multi-thin-film Substrates Using Tomography Common Optical Path Interferometry – Published in Measurement in 2024, this paper highlights Wen’s innovative approach to stress measurement in flexible substrates.
  2. Night-Time Measurement and Skeleton Recognition Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Equipped with LiDAR Sensors Based on Deep Learning Algorithms – Published in IEEE Sensors Journal in 2023, this work showcases his contributions to advanced sensing technologies.
  3. Thermomechanical Property Measurement of Flexible Transparent Conductive-film Substrates – Featured in IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation & Measurement in 2022, this research emphasizes the thermomechanical properties of flexible films.
  4. Automatic Fruit Harvesting Device Based on Visual Feedback Control – Published in Agriculture in 2022, illustrating Wen’s application of visual feedback control in agricultural technology.
  5. Residual Stress Image Inspections Based on Bending Testing for Flexible Transparent Conducting Substrates – Published in IEEE Sensors Journal in 2019, focusing on stress analysis in flexible substrates.

Accolades and Recognition 🏆

His outstanding contributions to his field have earned him significant recognition. His work has been published in over 100 journal and conference papers and 20 patents, reflecting his innovative and influential research.  his publications in high-impact journals demonstrate his role as a leading researcher in mechanical and mechatronic engineering. His efforts have not only advanced scientific knowledge but have also had practical applications in industry and technology..

 Impact and Influence 🌍

Community Impact

His research has had a profound impact on various fields, particularly in the areas of automatic optical inspection and flexible substrate technologies. His work on the mechanical and optical properties of flexible materials has implications for a wide range of applications, from display technology to bio-nanotechnology. By integrating machine learning and advanced control systems into his research, Wen has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in mechanical engineering, leading to more accurate and efficient technologies.

 Legacy and Future Contributions 🔮

Future Contributions

As a Professor at National Taiwan Ocean University, Bor-Jiunn Wen continues to inspire and mentor the next generation of engineers. His ongoing research projects and academic contributions ensure that his legacy will endure in both academia and industry. Looking forward, Wen’s commitment to innovation and excellence will undoubtedly lead to further advancements in mechanical and mechatronic engineering, reinforcing his position as a leader in his field.

His career is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and influence in mechanical engineering. His work has not only advanced scientific understanding but has also had practical, real-world applications, making a lasting impact on technology and industry.


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Bor-Jiunn Wen | Automatic optical inspection | Best Researcher Award

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